The Cold War Wiki: Manual of Style is basically a rule book for editing this wiki and being a member of this community. Before beggining to edit this wiki make sure you read this first. 

Add ReferencesEdit

Before clicking that save button that publishes your work make sure to add a few sources and references. Especially when you are creating a new article. If you do not add references you may get accused of plagarism and it may make you look by. All wikis have sources and this one needs them to. Remember: Wikipedia is not a reliable source but you can use sources you find on Wikipedia. 

Add Photos to Articles whenever possibleEdit

Always try to add pictures to an article whenever possible. Especially to articles that are new or don't have any photos.

Vandalizism is never toleratedEdit

Avoid Words like I, You or MeEdit

Don't be afraid to use templatesEdit

Don't ever be afraid to use templates. One template that should eventully be added to almost all pages is the infobox. Infoboxs basically give some background information for the reader.

Use Proper PunctuationEdit